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Welcome Too The Lost Iconia LJ Community

&hearts Lost Iconia was created as an easyw ay for me too upload my icons so users at the Lost Iconia website could roght-click and save too their computers much easier, rather than me having too upload all my icons too my website at bravehost, and risk folk trying too steal bandwith (you know how that's so popular). Plus I can upload my icons straight from photobucket.com where they are hosted. It's free and you can get your own free host account at photobucket.com or via photojerk.con

&hearts If you want too join lost iconia and post your own icons, please feel free. Some communities on lj only want you too use their icons on livejournal. I don't mind where you use my creations, and you can edit most bases if that is what you want too do. Sometimes my posts will all be about bases (textless 100x100 sized icons) but most often i do the texted versions. Like most I am hung up on evil anakin and RoTS and even AoTC, so I do allot of those. Lost Iconia was personally made for vampire, fantasy, otherkin, and gothic icons though other forms of darkness is allowed as well. Semi-Nude artistic icons can be posted, and if you do mroe than 4 please link it from your personal journal or do an LJ Cut.

&hearts You can begin posting asap after signing up, you can request an icon, though i don't do blinking texts, nor do i have adobe, paintshop pro or anything like that. I use photoimpression 4, paint and sometimes imagemagick which can be found on the web.

&hearts I'll be posting most of my icon creations here.
Just if you use my icons/backgrounds or myspace/livejournal templates link back too http://losticonia.cjb.net with atextlink or go too the site and grab a button or banner and link it via your info page.